Redamancy (n): The Act Of Loving The One Who Loves You; A Love Returned In Full

Redamancy is London's most style-focused and creative wedding design service. We are on a mission to make planning a wedding as stress-free, fun and personal as possible. If you want a day that celebrates your unique relationship then you have to throw away the rule book! Because why have a traditional wedding if it's not really what you want?!

With inspiration, ideas and the coolest industry connections in bucketloads, we are your go-to if you are a cool couple looking for a professional to help you create a wedding day that is personal to you.

"Redamancy has allowed our wedding planning to be stress free and effortless with Charlotte providing us with her expert knowledge and advice. You will feel truly important and supported by Charlotte, and we could not recommend her services enough!" - Mark and Rebecca

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London wedding design

I'm Charlotte - London Wedding Designer, Stylist, Blogger. I have been obsessed with weddings since my teenage years and whilst studying for my Law degree I used to pour over wedding magazines and Pinterest boards. When I left University I wanted to create a wedding design service that made creative and fashionable weddings the new tradition. Given the incredibly personal nature of a wedding day, it really is a celebration that should reflect your lifestyle, interests and tastes and that is something that I will weave into your bespoke wedding design. I always provide my clients with a fully personalised experience - weddings are definitely not one-size-fits-all! 

Constantly inspired by 90's photography, October sunlight, and interior design you can guarantee we will design you fashion-forward wedding that you will love forever.