An Interview With My Bride and Groom




On 1st August 2016, Mark proposed to Rebecca beneath the Disney Princess Castle at Walt Disney World, Florida. We catch up with them to ask them the all-important questions!

Questions for Rebecca:

How long have you been together?

It was 5 years on 1st September. We met at school as we were in the choir together, and the choirmaster put us together for a duet. We sang ‘Make You Feel My love” by Adele! We then went to Bavaria on a choir trip and that’s when we really hit it off.

What has been your best experience together?

Auditioning for The Voice!

What do you love most about Mark?

He’s my best friend, and I can be completely myself around him. We have the same sense of humour, the same values, and he really makes an effort with all my family and friends. He’s also got a very quick wit!

Where did you first know you were falling in love?

We were at this church at the top of this hill in Bavaria. I wasn’t very well as I had tonsillitis and I was ill and sweaty, but Mark cuddled me and looked after me. It’s then I realised that I really liked him.

Did you have any inkling that Mark was going to propose to you?

No! He was really good at keeping it a secret and he massively played down any jokey comments about us getting engaged. I really wanted it to happen though, so I was thrilled when it did!

Do you have a couple song?

Yes, it’s called ‘Lighter Shade of Gray” and Mark wrote it for me.

Dream wedding wish?

For Gary Barlow to sing ‘A Million Love Songs’, and then dance with my mum Carol!

Now, it’s Mark’s turn!

What do you love most about Rebecca?

Mostly how much we have in common. I thoroughly enjoy our shared love of performing music, and the fact she is an amazing singer is really great as we can sit down and jam along to all sorts of different songs, which is something I think is truly unique about us as a couple.

Do you remember the first moment you told her you loved her?

I genuinely can’t remember when I first told her I loved her, unfortunately. But when we went to Bavaria with the chamber choir, I got to spend a load of time with her and realised how truly unique she is and genuinely very different to anyone I’ve ever met before. I remember thinking “I could really see myself with you in the future”.

What is the greatest experience you have shared together?

We’ve had so many great experiences together from playing gigs together, an insane amount of holidays, and trips all around the globe. However, the one that stands out the most is probably the aforementioned trip to Bavaria with the choir. The trip itself was amazing but made even better by being able to spend it with someone I was really smitten with.

Who would be your dream wedding guest?

My dream wedding guest would probably be Noel Gallagher. Everyone is aware of how big a fan I am and to have him sing at my wedding would be absolutely incredible.