Are you reading too much into this? How to choose your Wedding Readings!

If you regularly attend church, and are having a religious ceremony, then chances are you may already have an idea of which readings you would like at your wedding. You may have a Psalm or a Bible Verse which really speaks to you, and if that’s the case then I commend you on how easy a job you made that one. Cross it off your to-do list and do a celebratory dance! I mean it... DANCE!

However, if you’re not religious, or the “love is patient, love is kind” type, then choosing your wedding readings can be a daunting process. There is an almost unspoken rule that every wedding is supposed to stir some kind of deep emotion inside of the guests - enough to make them fall completely in love with their partner all over again. And the readings are an integral part of this expectation. So, no pressure then right? Eeek.

With that in mind; a piece of advice for you. Avoid the popular wedding readings. Unless of course, for whatever reason, one of these is particularly special to you. Because there is nothing more boring for guests than sitting and listening to readings they have heard at every wedding they have ever been to. 1 Corinthians 13, anyone? (that’s the “love is patient, love is kind” one). Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that weddings should be planned primarily with the guests’ preferences in mind. But after investing so much time, thought and money in your day, do you want your guests to be bored during your ceremony?

I have heard from people who chose generic and traditional wedding readings because they didn’t consider it to be an important aspect of the day, amongst everything else. However, when watching their wedding video back, they’ve  fast-forwarded through their readings every single time, because they are meaningless and cliched. Do you really want to fast-forward through your wedding video because you’re actually bored listening to the readings? Choose wisely and your wedding video will be one you can enjoy time and time again. Probably a good thing now Blockbuster has closed down, and Netflix are upping their prices.

So, let’s get down to it.

Choosing readings that reflect who you are as a couple, but that also contain something original and unique, will make a lasting impact on your guests. In the same vein as the first dance song, you and your partner will feel more connected during your special day if you choose aspects which are personal to you. So here are some tips on choosing meaningful wedding readings, that will make your day so much more exciting and personal (i.e. not dull):

Do not Google ‘Wedding Readings’ to choose them:

Not that I am having a Debbie Downer on a good ol’ Google Search. That is, after all, how I manage to survive life on a daily basis: “How long does it take to boil an egg?”, “Why is my car making a strange noise?” “My throat hurts, am I dying?”

However, if you do search for wedding reading ideas on Google then I guarantee that the majority of returned results will be the most popular wedding readings of all time; an ensemble featuring Bronte, Wordsworth and Shakespeare.

So save your time scrolling, reading, pressing backspace, scrolling, reading and pressing backspace, and avoid Google search altogether. You’re just going to end up with a generic day.

Get a friend or family member to write a poem:

What is more personal than having someone close to you and your partner describe your relationship to the rest of the guests? It doesn’t have to be good enough to win them Poet Laureate, it just needs to be honest and proofread.

I would love any poem at my wedding to rhyme. But, that’s just my own poor taste, given that my favourite poem is ‘Ning-Nang-Nong’ by Spike Milligan #cultured.

Share snippets of love letters:

Perfect for all you long-distance lovers out there… If you and your beau wrote letters, or love emails (sounds just as romantic, doesn’t it?) then why not get one of your friends or family members to read snippets of these out instead of a traditional reading?

If the thought of having your affectionate words read aloud in front of everybody doesn’t exactly thrill you, then an alternative is to read love letters written by some more esteemed writers. If you’re looking for some inspiration then look no further than the literary phenomenon that is… ‘Sex and the City’. Stay with me here people! Apart from being a deliciously guilty pleasure, ‘Sex and the City’ put some great love letters back on the map. Flashback to the scene where Carrie and Big are cuddled up in bed in the first film and Carrie is reading ‘Love Letters of Great Men’, which she rented from the New York public library. Reading aloud to Big, Carrie recites Beethoven’s Love Letter to his ‘Immortal Beloved’ in which he claimed their love was ‘Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours’. In typical rom-com style, Big wins Carrie over with these very same words, after BAILING ON THEIR WEDDING. I’m sorry, it just outrages me.

I own this book. I bought it on Amazon after seeing the film about 6 years ago. And yes, I am embarrassed about that fact. But, this book does contain some breathtaking admissions of love, which would make perfect readings at any wedding.

Read song lyrics:

Do you have a song that means something to you as a couple? In other words, do you have something that you refer to as ‘our song’. I love asking this question to any couple I know. And the reason why I love it is because it gives you such an insight into their relationship, as usually a couple declare a song ‘their song’ because the lyrics match who they are together.

Let’s say, a couple’s song is ‘With You’ by Chris Brown, you know they probably admit their feelings for each other on a regular basis, and refer to each other as ‘Boo’. If their song is ‘Green Eyes’ by Coldplay, then you know that one of them probably has green eyes.

But as songs without the music are really just poems then reading the lyrics makes a perfect tribute to you as a couple. Just maybe don’t opt for “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, as that could be construed as a tad creepy.

So I hope this gives you some inspiration for your wedding readings. However, if you’re still perplexed then you may want to consider having a Quaker wedding, commonly referred to as silent ceremonies...

Charlotte xoxox