Can You Have A Gluten-Free Wedding?

‘Gluten-free’. The ‘in’ phrase of 2016. The dietary label that we just cannot seem to escape. And if we cannot escape it on a day-to-day basis then why should weddings be any exception?

It is becoming increasingly more common for people to adopt gluten-free diets for reasons other than being coeliac. For some people, this way of eating aids digestion and leaves them feeling less bloated than traditional wheat products. Others are keen to praise the weight-loss benefits of such a diet. Whatever the reason, if this is the choice of lifestyle for the bride and groom then should they change it for the wedding day? A day that is all about them? Just so guests can eat what they usually eat?

My opinion is no.

For me, weddings are a chance for a couple to share who they are with their guests. That is why couples choose wedding themes so, that for a day their guests can be completely emerged in their relationship story. And if a couple is gluten free then why should they not share this with the people they love, and who love them for who they are?

I have never agreed with the idea that the food at a wedding should be decided by what will appease the guests most. Love Seabass but know your Uncle Jim is a meat and two veg guy, and nothing else? For a lot of people that would be enough of a reason to opt for the chicken choice and have done with it, at the risk of upsetting a guest. But I’m a foodie and on the most special day of my life I’m going to be eating my favourite food, and for one day my loved ones can suck it up. And I advise you to follow suit. At the end of the day, nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t eat.

So if you live gluten-free on an everyday basis and you don’t want your wedding day to be any different then it doesn’t have to be. Serve and eat the food you love, but make it exciting and you won’t hear any complaints from your guests. If you were having a Mexican themed wedding your guests would be expecting to eat nachos and tacos whether they liked them or not. Eating gluten-free food at the wedding of a gluten-free couple is no different.

When you actually think about how to go about planning the food for a gluten-free wedding, very few changes have to be made to the traditional sit-down meal which features at so many British weddings these days. Fancy starting with a salad? Just make the dressing gluten-free and delicious and your guests won’t even realising they are eating any differently. Trendy quinoa is still having a moment from 2015, and as a naturally free-from-gluten food this is a perfect addition to a main course to add a little bulk. And don’t feel you have to miss out on the cocktail hour on the wedding day. Design a Mr and Mrs Cocktail that is made with your favourite spirits, and your guests won’t even miss wine or beer. Just keep the cocktails flowing.

The cake is where you, or more likely your guests, will have to compromise. Cake is cake and there is no getting around that. I eat gluten-free on occasion because my body becomes intolerant to certain foods during periods of stress, and I can attest to the fact that gluten-free cake just does not taste the same as the regular kind. So my advice would be not to try and replicate a traditional red-velvet cake without the gluten. It won’t taste the same to your guests and you’ll end up with a huge amount of cake left over, which is a waste. Instead, opt for something that you love that is naturally gluten-free. This way guests won’t be able to compare it to the full-of-gluten counterpart they’re used to. How about a pavlova tower enough to serve all your guests, which rules out the need to serve additional dessert as well as cake? Smart choices like this will save you money too. You literally cannot lose.

Hopefully this post has shown you that you are able to continue eating the foods that you love even on your wedding day. Currently, as far as catering ideas and trends go, the more unique the better! Sushi conveyor belts and dessert rooms are all being accepted with open arms for providing variety at weddings. Trust me, your friends who attend 15 weddings a year will be grateful you are serving up something different.

My advice is always gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free so eat it all up, ladies. You can thank me for shooting straight from the hip on this issue in twenty years time, when you look back on your weddings photos and see how unbloated you look in every shot.

You’re welcome.

Charlotte xoxox