How To Choose Your Wedding Suppliers

The wedding industry is currently bursting at the seams with amazing suppliers, taking care of everything from hair and makeup to your invitations. I am never failed to be amazed how many incredible vendors we have in the UK who all offer something so different from everyone else. And as exciting as this is for our wedding industry, when you only need one of each type of supplier for your wedding day, how do you possibly choose?

It’s not only bride and grooms who find it difficult to make a choice. As a wedding planner I keep a list of suppliers who I love to recommend to clients, if they need some suggestions. But recently, as I discover more and more talent, the list just keeps getting longer. So here are some ways to narrow things down slightly.

I’m guessing that the majority of you brides and grooms tend to find suppliers with a cheeky Google search, and while that’s definitely the best way to pull up a list of options matching your search criteria, you may not be finding the suppliers who could give you something a little more unique. Here’s why - whoever you find on the top page of Google definitely deserves to be there, they have worked hard on their search engine optimisation, and are clearly getting a lot of visitors to their site. They may have been established for a long time and have thus created a recognisable name and brand. All good things, but something that everyone has had before may not be something that interests you. You may want something that’s a bit more ‘trendy’ than classic, and as we know trends tend to come out yearly. To find these sorts of things you may have to turn to a supplier who is newer to the industry and who has had success with their trendy product / service.

Let me give you an example to make things a bit clearer. Doughnuts at weddings are only really a trend that exploded onto the scene in late 2015 / early 2016. And now they are wanted everywhere! But when people first decided to start incorporating doughnuts into their catering plan, it wasn’t the traditional long-standing cake suppliers that were making them; it was the specific doughnut suppliers who previously had not been a consideration for weddings. They were new to the industry and brides found them first through Instagram and Pinterest. From there it was really easy to find those gorgeous, gold, glitter doughnuts on Google, but it was social media that put them on everyone’s radar.

So tip number one is: keep it social, and look for ideas on all of the visual social media sites. Identify what it is you are really looking for first, whether it’s a traditional wedding cake, macarons, cupcakes, or whoopie pies. Once you have narrowed it down to exactly what you want, then it makes the job of deciding who exactly you want to make it so much less overwhelming. Trust me, it’s not that much of a chore to look at pictures of cake.

Okay, tip number two: trust the recommendations you are given. Whether it’s from someone who has got married and used the supplier they are suggesting, or someone from the wedding industry giving you some advice - listen to them. These are the people in the know, and they will provide you with more insight than a supplier’s website can. There’s so much more to consider about a supplier than just what they will produce for your wedding day. Their attitude, customer service approach, and their reliability are all just as important. What’s the point in choosing a makeup artist to recreate a look they have done, which you love, to only have them not turn up on time on your wedding day? You just don’t need to put yourself in that kind of situation. So trust the recommendations you are given and you won’t go far wrong. At the end of the day, people wouldn’t be suggesting these suppliers if they were unprofessional in the slightest.

Tip number three: ask for a preview or an example. If you want to make sure that what you have chosen is exactly what you are going to receive on your wedding day then ask to be shown a preview of it so you can check it’s precisely what you want. It’s so much better to do so in advance, and then correct anything you’re not too keen on, than to feel disappointed about something on the best day of your life. For example, if you are going to order your invites online then arrange for one to be sent to you beforehand to check it looks and feels right to you. It’s not always the case but pictures online can sometimes be deceiving. Arrange cake and menu tasting to ensure that you’re going to be completely content when the time comes for the wedding meal.

By enquiring with suppliers in advance about who is prepared to give you a preview, you will get a good idea about who is committed to doing everything they can to make you happy about their service or product. And who is just happy to run their business as a business without a second-thought to your wedding. If you enquire and a supplier makes it clear that they’re not prepared to let you check things in advance, then I suggest you pick another supplier who is happy to go the extra mile. Trust me, there are loads of people who will be happy to do that, and you will end up having a happier experience planning your wedding as a result.

A quote that I churn out time and time again is “it is for dust to settle, not for people”. And there are definitely enough dedicated people in the industry who genuinely care about your wedding enough for you not to have to settle for the few suppliers who sadly don’t.

So take your time, get visually inspired with photos of the things you would love to have for your wedding, and then listen to advice and recommendations. But above all, don’t settle. You don’t need to and quite frankly you just deserve more on the happiest day of your life. But I do appreciate that despite all of the advice, it can still feel like an overwhelming task. So if you do need an extra helping hand, I offer a supplier sourcing package which involves me making some very vetted suggestions based on how you want your wedding to be. If this interests you then check it out in more detail here:

Thanks for reading, and please get in touch if you have any questions!  

Love Charlotte