How To Choose Your Wedding Theme

What makes a great wedding a great wedding? It all comes down to one thing – the theme. Injecting personality into your day, the wedding theme is the best way to connect with your guests and leave them not heading for the exit once the first dance is over and done.

We’ve all been to weddings where things have been nice, but everything seems a little bit mismatched and fails to leave a lasting effect. And we’ve all been to weddings where all of the little details are working together to create an event that people still marvel at for years to come.

When spending thousands of pounds on a day which symbolizes the pinnacle point in a relationship, I’m sure we’d all prefer a wedding which falls into the second category, not the first. I mean if anyone was to sum up my wedding as “nice” I think I would have an existential crisis. If you agree, then a wedding theme is what you need and one that means something to you at that.


For some people it’s easier than others. If you have a joint hobby that you’re really passionate about as a couple then this is something  you could use to shape your wedding day. Both really into rugby, for example? Have team Bride and Groom, a schedule of the day resembling match-day times, and little biscuits decorated like rugby balls. Sorted.

Do you and your hubby-to-be have a unique and captivating story about how you met? Then let this guide your theme and take your guests with you on a journey through your relationship. I designed a wedding theme earlier this year based around the feeling of true love. The concept was to allow guests to experience the feelings of butterflies associated with falling in love through the use of music, food and decor. Couple this see what I did there?) with details from how you met and you have a solid theme guaranteed to leave guests completely caught up in the romance of your day.

Another option is to simply choose a colour scheme that you would love or that you believe expresses your couple’s personality. Seamlessly threading this colour scheme throughout the dresses, the venue and the cake allows for a cohesion which makes your wedding day incredibly effective.

So how do you go about choosing a theme for your big day?

– Write down all of the things which sum you up as a couple. Keep things loose and fluid at this stage and don’t disregard or not include any words which come to mind. Just jot them all down on a list or a mind-map until you have about twenty words or phrases that you believe sum up your couple’s story or personality.

– Get your partner to do the same and see what you come up with individually. This can be a fun way to compare what you both think defines you as a couple. No domestics mind you! You’re getting married for a reason, remember that…

– Together pick your top three that you think mean the most to you or sum you up together best.

– Now leave it for a day. Subconsciously let these ideas float about in your head or get your friends and families’ opinions on this shortlist.

– After a day or two you will probably find yourself leaning towards a particular word or phrase out of the three. Decide together as you both need to be sure that this is the idea and concept that you would like to present to your guests on the day of your wedding.

– Once you have your word it is time to decide how this can be translated into a theme so you can start picking details and choosing suppliers and vendors who fit in best with your theme. If you have chosen the word ‘adventurous’, for example, does this this suggest you both love travelling – in which case a wedding based on your favourite countries or simply a travel-themed wedding could be a great one for you. Or does ‘adventurous’ mean that you are really into trying new foods? Foodie wedding anyone? I know I would be interested in an invitation to that one so bear me in mind everyone. Or does it actually mean as a couple you love trying out extreme sports? In this case you know that creating a sense of adrenaline and anticipation could be at the heart at your wedding theme.

Have fun with this stage and don’t let it stress you out. At the end of the day this should be a fun activity for you and partner to really make this experience personal to you. Chances are you will hit on an idea that you might not have come up with otherwise and you will begin to feel really excited about making your newly-found vision into a reality.

Just in case you need a bit of extra inspiration as far as wedding themes go, here are a list of some popular themes that you can interpret in your own way, in line with your relationship:

Country Garden
Rustic Chic

Once you have this sorted, check back here for advice about choosing the right venue and suppliers for you!

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