How Your Wedding Will Look In 2016

First off, Happy New Year! It’s been a hectic start to the year so far with finalising logistics for my move to London Town next month but I am very happy to get back to blogging! With the New Year comes the arrival of the hotly anticipated Wedding Trend Reports 2016 – cue maaajor excitement from myself.

Released in January each year these reports contain the predictions of the crème de la crème of the wedding industry as to what this year in weddings will hold. As keen as ever, on 6th January I was pouring over the wedding trend report published by UK Academy of event and wedding planners, with whom I studied my Advanced Diploma, hungrily digesting their trend alerts for 2016. I was not disappointed.

Being a newbie in the industry and not yet blessed with as strong an insight into up-and-coming trends as some of my fellow professionals I thought I would report on the general consensus of what is going to be hot to trot and offer a couple of my own suggestions, from the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes shall we say.

So let’s get to it…

Starting big; the overall trend that will be seen throughout the whole of the wedding industry this year is opulence. Couples are back to spending big money on their big day and rich tones, food and decor will make the cut. Reflecting this opulence will be the return of metallics, sparkles and sequins along with a palette of soft winter colours – from dusty roses to frosty greys. Faux fur and brushed velvet will lend themselves well to this level of luxury, with copper and brass keeping things glamorous and multi-dimensional.

Old Hollywood Glamour, Eclectic Decor and Abundant Florals also made the cut, again demonstrating the fact that 2016 is the year to, put it bluntly, go big or go home. And going home is one thing a bride and groom do not want their guests to do…

Festival is having a bit of a moment this year, making the equivalent of Radio 1’s Sound of 2016 list in the wedding world. Floral crowns, folk-y bands (think Mumford and Sons) and food vans are all bigger than ever this year, and what’s more; anything goes. So if you’re a bride who can’t easily be separated from her bright red Hunters, hitch up that hemline and stick ’em on. Bold is better, little lion heart.

And in true millennial style the list of catering and beverage trends are by far the longest of all. Dessert tables ain’t going anywhere, and some wonderful people have taken this a step further and created a dessert room for their wedding day. And it is these types of people that truly make me believe there is some goodness in this world. Comfort food, brunch and noodle boxes for late night snacks are all ways the catering industry is going to get thrown on its head as food gets personalised and intimate.

 Gone is the traditional ‘Welcome and here is your prosecco’ arrival, replaced instead with a bespoke cocktail created by the bride and groom. Love a good mojito? You and your fiancé partial to a cheeky margarita or two? Then serve away to your guests and let them be a part of your story for a day. And for those really wanting to milk this trend for all it’s worth – his & hers cocktails to truly reflect the style of the couple #yaaass.

As for the cake, and as I’m sure we would all agree THE most important part of the whole day and sacrament blah blah blah… it’s had a revamp. I am hugely delighted to announce that naked cakes are on the out! Don’t get me wrong, they look cool and quaint as all hell but I’m a girl who likes icing with their cake; a fuck-off massive load of icing. This year we’re talking metallics, lace, ruffles and tall-tiers. And you know what that means… more cake!

Given that us millennials get crazy excited about the release of a new film, and were thoroughly outraged by the disappearance of Orange Wednesdays (or at least I was) it is no surprise that a load of weddings this year are set to be influenced by the latest box-office hits. With the release of the new Alice in Wonderland film, ‘Through the Looking Glass’, there is set to be a flurry of Alice-themed bridal showers and hen parties. ‘Spectre’ will set the tone for sharp dressing and an air of sexy mystery, and ‘The Force Awakens’ is the excuse many couples have been waiting for to get their geek on. Lightsabers at dawn anyone?

And with that fairly quick round-up of the trends to watch out for, hand-picked by the professionals, here are a couple of my own predictions. I’m saying saxophones, and if this becomes the big hit of the year, you heard it here first. Me and the boyf were walking through Charing Cross the other day when we heard a busker playing covers of pop songs on his saxophone. I couldn’t help thinking that hearing Ed Sheeran or Avici through the bluesy tone of a sax on my wedding day would make for a truly unforgettable experience. Next up, doughnuts. Doughnuts in an array of colours adorned with glitter and sparkles and bespoke to the couple. And jammy if you like that sorta thing. Finally, I’m going to throw it out there and say bride and groom reveals will be a big thing for 2016, and by this I mean how the couple choose to enter the reception venue. I have had my own couple -reveal planned for a few months now and I’m not even close to even having an engagement ring revealed to me. Whether it is by helicopter, a conjuring act or a flashmob this is the magic formula for a jaw-dropping day.

So with that essay-long blog post I will call it a day and leave you with a couple of inspiration boards to showcase how you can incorporate these key trends into your wedding day. And if you got engaged over christmas/new year CONGRATULATIONS!!! And you know where to find me, you little love birds xoxo


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