The Colour of 2016

If you are a wedding fanatic like me then it is a very exciting day when Pantone announces its colour of the year. And this year I had even more reason to be excited when the colours (yes, plural) for 2016 just so happen to be my favourites. I lead a very exciting life. 

A bit of background for those of you more rational people who wonder why a certain colour shade is such a big deal. When Pantone, the authority on colour (think the Anna Wintour of the crayola world), select their colour of the year this impacts the world of fashion, furnishings and food. Yep, that little swatch of colour eventually influences how your food looks on your plate.

Some of you are potentially having a Andrea-Sachs-in-the-Devil-Wears-Prada moment. I’m talking about the scene when Anne Hathaway naively comments that two jumpers appear to be exactly the same shade of blue and can’t understand why the editor of ‘Runway’ magazine is struggling to pick between them because they are “just both so different”. Meryl Streep commences to launch into a speech about how an initial colour concept influences everything from the runway to what you find in your local charity shop. And she wasn’t wrong. 

So anyway, yes; the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the year award is a pretty big deal and this year they have opted for two. Say hello to Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a delicate pale pink with a cheeky streak to it whereas Serenity is a cinderella blue, offering a whimsical sophistication. Both pastel. Both romantic. Both incredibly wearable.

But Pantone’s generosity of providing two colours of the year does not stem from the fact that they just look so damn pretty together.  Instead, the reasoning is to deliver a political message – and the message is social progress. 2015 has seen a big societal movement toward gender equality and fluidity, and a generation who is less worried about being typecast or judged. Fashion and other areas of design are experiencing a gender blur right now, and so what better way to carry this forward than by selecting the two colours most often used to represent gender to appear alongside each other for a whole year.

And with that, I can now say I have written my first ever political piece. Albeit in a shade of rose quartz. About the colour of the year. On a wedding planning blog… So whilst I am riding high on my new found sense of culture and academia, here’s how to make your wedding look bloody lush.