What To Do If You Hate Your Wedding Photos

I often frequent wedding forums to get inspiration for some of my blog posts. It helps to find out what current brides are finding difficult, so that I can write some advice to help not only them, but other brides who might be having similar difficulties.

I recently read a really sad, but what i’m guessing is a frequent complaint, from a bride following her wedding day. She was complaining that she and her new hubby had received their wedding photos back from the photographer and had absolutely hated them. There were a lot of unstyled photos, and a lot of pictures featuring the backs of people’s heads. Give me a camera and I would probably produce a fairly similar result, but I’m not calling myself a wedding photographer and charging people for the privilege of these back-headed photos. Apparently, the photographer even took the group photo in front of a toilet block outside, which is pretty crap wouldn’t you say? (Don't pardon the pun, just embrace it).

But this got me thinking, how many other people will receive their wedding photos back and be disappointed? You pay at least £1,000 usually for a full day photographer, if not a lot more, and thus you don’t want this money to feel wasted because you don’t like the pictures. Plus, you’re so busy on your wedding day actually getting married and stuff, that you miss a lot of the action, which you then look forward to seeing once the photos arrive. If the photos are lacking in variety, or are just not styled in the slightest, you’re going to feel pretty crummy about the whole thing. I mean, it’s not exactly as if you can just go back and do the whole of your wedding again to have some more pictures taken.

So what to do exactly?

Well, this is where I suggest being super organised and actually giving yourself more work to do in the run-up to the wedding. I hear you groan, but my goodness it will be worth it when you have a chocka-block album full of photos that you will force upon people for a whole year until they are bored silly. Don’t feel bad about doing this though, I’m a thousand percent having all of my wedding pictures made into t-shirts for my family’s christmas presents when the time rolls round for me… #represent.

Basically, what I am getting at is that you need a plan B. Not for everything, but for a lot of things. As a wedding planner, I wouldn’t dare book anything through a supplier, if I didn’t have a cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-double-pinky-promise guarantee that they would be able to deliver a plan B in case something went wrong with plan A. This is absolutely essential for outdoor weddings, held in a marquee or something similar, in case the weather is absolutely dreadful, and you don’t fancy getting married looking like a drowned rat in a pair of Hunters. If the caterer’s kitchen burns down on the morning of the wedding, then you need to know that you have another option that can cater for you on short notice. In-short, when you hire a wedding planner, for whatever goes wrong there will always be an alternative option in place in case it’s needed. The same should apply when you’re planning the wedding yourself.

So let’s talk photography for a second. To avoid the complete disaster that is hating your wedding photos, why not get your guests to take some as well. In any event, you will then have two lots of photos to look through and will be able to see the day through both the photographer’s eye but also your guests'. You never know, they may capture some hidden gems.The easiest way to do this is to buy a load of disposable cameras and have them on the wedding tables, ready to be used. A great way to get the kids involved is to give them their own disposable camera and a list of scavenger hunt picture ideas they have to take:

- Something blue

- A couple dancing

- A couple kissing

- The best man’s speech

Kids will love to take part, and will want to tick off every picture on the list. Granted they might not be the most artistically styled, you will still have at least one picture of everything that you want in case the photographer misses it.

Which leads me on to the next point, give the photographer a list of shots in advance that you want on the day. That way they have time to study the list and make sure that you get a shot of everything you want during the wedding. At the end of the day, the photographer will only be happy to oblige as the happier you are with the shots they have taken, the more likely you are to refer them onto a friend. Winner winner, chicken dinner. For example, the shot I so desperately want captured on my wedding day is the moment that my imminent husband first sees me in my wedding dress walking towards him. If anyone’s seen ‘27 Dresses’ then you know exactly what I’m talking about. However, if the photo comes back and he’s not biting back tears of joy or punching the air then I’ll bloody hell want to know why. I've seen guys do it on Pinterest, I've pinned it to my 'Wedding Board' and I'll send aggressive emails containing example photos to my fiance if thats what it takes. It's happening. 

Finally, if the photos really are truly awful and you haven’t had your guests taking photos, then may I suggest booking another photographer, donning your wedding clothes and returning to the venue one weekend just so that you and your partner can grab some decent shots together. I know it’s sounds expensive and a hassle but if the photos are really that important to you then you’ll do it.

Which leaves me to mention wedding insurance. If you do not have wedding insurance by the time you get married then I’m honestly not sure why. It’s really cheap, usually costing around £25, and it will save your ass if anything goes wrong. In the same way that you wouldn’t (hopefully) go on holiday / buy a house without some form of insurance, you really shouldn’t be risking the biggest day of your life without it either. Depending on the level of cover you buy, your insurance may even pay out for terrible photos and will provide you with remuneration in order to have them taken again. If that’s not enough to make you smile for the photographs then I’m not sure what is. Cheeeeeeeeeese.

Charlotte xoxox