What We Have Learned From Celebrity Weddings

Even before I knew I wanted to be a wedding planner, I was obsessed with Celebrity Weddings. During my GCSE’s the only thing I would read, apart from the necessary odd chapter of ‘Lord of Flies’, were trashy magazines. Every week I would spend my well-earned wages on a copy of Grazia or OK! and pour over the latest celebrity gossip. A waste of time? Well you would think so. However, I have won many a game of Trivial Pursuit off the back of my ‘pop culture’ knowledge; so who’s the real winner here? As a result I am that person on the pub quiz team who knows the starsigns of all the Girls Aloud members, and which one has a phobia of stickers. It’s Nicola, btw. So safe to say that inside my head is a catalogue of celebrity weddings, for any of which I could reel off facts about cost, colour, and celebrity attendance.

So what have these iconic weddings taught us? What works and what doesn’t? What looks tacky and what is actually a class act? From our very own Royal Family to the American equivalent, Kimye, let’s take a look at the best and worst of the last ten years.

Katie Price and Peter Andre

Arguably the worst, Jordan and Peter. A match made in.... the jungle. The ‘I’m a Celebrity’ jungle to be more precise. Katie Price and Peter Andre hit it off on the ITV show and began officially dating as soon as they returned home, marrying a year later in 2005. They wed at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, at a ridiculously pink ceremony, costing them £600,000. Katie even arrived at the wedding in a pink horse-drawn carriage, wearing a phenomenally large pink dress. They sold the photos exclusively to OK! for a cool £1.75 million, which means they made over a one million pound profit on their wedding, crazy isn’t it?

However much their wedding photos were worth, Katie and Peter’s big day was heavily criticised for just how pink and garish it all was. Not that they probably cared...I’m pretty sure they sit in the camp that believes any publicity is good publicity. But if we learnt anything from their wedding, it’s that less is definitely more.

By all means, pick a colour. As a wedding planner, if you aren’t wanting to choose a theme for your day, then I would definitely encourage you to pick a colour scheme. It helps co-ordinate your wedding and having a clear colour palette keeps things looking stylish and polished, at the very least. That does not mean that every single, little, tiny, detail has to be that colour; especially not your wedding dress. The amount of pink that was on display at Katie and Peter’s wedding quite frankly should have been illegal. And remember, there is nothing classy about wearing a pink swarovski crystal tiara, even on your wedding day.

DO NOT go overboard with your colour scheme. Less is more.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Time to go across the pond to another reality tv star who also enjoyed a very lavish wedding to a music star. Although I’m not sure how appreciative Yeezy would be of a comparison between him and the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer. Kanye first met Kim Kardashian in 2004, at the time when Kim was dating her first husband Damon Thomas. The two struck up a friendship but they both continued to date other people in the proceeding years. Kanye has since admitted that around 2009 he developed deep feelings for Kim and his crush on her intensified. Along with this admission, Kanye has confessed that he used to photoshop himself in next to Kim on the Kardashian’s annual christmas card. I’m not entirely sure whether that is even cute, or just creepy.

When Kris H popped the question to Kim in 2011, we all thought it was going to be wedded bliss for Kim and her fiance. After all, he fitted the Kardashian brand by spelling his name with a ‘K’. But when the 84-day marriage famously broke down, Kanye swooped in. Six months later and they were officially dating. The following December Kimye announced that they were having a baby together and he proposed a year later.

So, onto the Wedding. This couple were never going to have a simple affair, let’s be honest. But, seeing as they spent over $12 million dollars on the event, how over-the-top did it actually go? Kim wore a bespoke Givenchy Couture Gown - quite the wedding dress. So much so that it even had its own room at the five star Villa San Michele Hotel. Yeezus! A 20ft wall of white flowers was erected outside the 16th Century Forte di Belvedere, in Florence, which was the venue for their ceremony. Andrea Bocelli sang Kim down the aisle. And Kanye ordered a half a million pound table for the wedding party to sit at during the reception. Absolute madness. The food cost tens of thousands of pounds, and the wedding cake was 7ft tall. In effect, the cake was taller than a giant man.

This all sounds rather extraordinary, and most likely the biggest day of Kim and Kanye’s lives. I say ‘most likely’ because with these two who actually knows. But, I’m sure the fact that Kim’s own brother Rob did not attend the wedding probably but a bit of a dampener on the day. Rob claimed that Kim and Kanye’s OTT display of “superficial bullshit” was a big part of the reason he chose to skip out on their nuptials.

Your wedding day is your day. And hopefully it will only come around once, fingers crossed. But do not let wanting to impress your guests, and wanting to have a lavish celebration, let you lose sight of what is important. In twenty years time, you’re not going to be bothered about how much money you spent on your wedding or what your friends said about it. You’re going to be more concerned about who didn’t turn up because you turned into such a materialistic bridezilla.

DO NOT let your wedding become bigger than the things which matter most.

Princess William and Kate Middleton

The Royal Wedding. I mean what else do I need to say. This wedding was bound to have a special place in the heart of the British public; we got a bank holiday out it for starters. Over the years we had all fallen in love with this couple, and rooted for them throughout all of their ups-and-downs. He, the kind-hearted gentleman, and she, the sassy sweetheart. Kate Middleton has always been one of my Strong Woman Idols after hearing about the time when one of her classmates at St Andrews University commented “you’re so lucky to be going out with him”, to which she retorted “he’s lucky to be going out with me”. Right on gurl [insert sassy salsa dancer emoji here].

Anyway, the point is, they made it down the aisle in the end. And what an aisle it was. The stunning Westminster Abbey was their venue and it was decorated with 20ft trees. Trust the Royals to be five years ahead of the 2016 wedding trend of ‘exteriors as interiors’.

hat evening, the Prince of Wales hosted a dinner followed by dancing for friends and family of the bride and groom. Ellie Goulding performed for the couple’s first dance song and the event ended with a firework display at 3am. Undoubtedly, the cutest part of the day was when Prince William drove Kate up the mall to Clarence House, after the lunchtime reception, in a car which had ‘JU5T WED’ as it’s licence plate. Definitely Phillip’s idea. And who could forget William shouting “Your go” to Harry once he and Kate had enjoyed their royal kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace? High quality banter at its best.

So, I suppose you’re all thinking at this point that the Royal wedding has featured in this post because it’s an example of how to do it. Wrong, so wrong. “Why?!” I hear you gasp, (or at least I pretend to because I’m quite certain no-one reads this blog). Well, one major error was committed at the Royal Wedding, something that I’m quite sure everyone will want to avoid at their own. Kate Middleton put her only bridesmaid, and sister, Pippa, in a dress that really showcased her butt. And what did everyone talk about, tweet about and fantasise about for AN ENTIRE YEAR? Pippa Middleton’s arse. Did it overshadow the day? I mean obviously not, it was the Royal Wedding. But I’m not overly keen on the idea of everyone obsessing over my bridesmaid’s derriere instead of how bloody brilliant my wedding is.

DO NOT dress your bridesmaid in a clingier dress than you (especially if she squats).

And that concludes the run-through of what we have learned from celebrity weddings over the last 12 years. I mean, I know it’s hardly Tolstoy, but I hope that you have at least entertained you. And if you don’t think I have then I will sleep easy knowing I could beat you at a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Charlotte xoxox