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Supplier spotlight is where we introduce you to some of our favourite suppliers, so that you can easily find amazing people to cover all aspects of your wedding. All suppliers are hand-picked by moi so you can rest assured that no-one has paid to get their name in this exclusive directory!

White Rose Cake Design was founded in 2010 and is run by Jo, a cake decorator, sewist, crocheter, mum and wife (although, she says, not necessarily in that order!) Basically, she's a woman of many talents! Following her own wedding in 2009, Jo realised that wedding planning had become a hobby, so when this was no longer viable, a new hobby was needed. Jo enrolled on a sugar flowers course at Huddersfield Technical College (as it was then), fell in love with caking and the rest is history.

Working from home in Honley, Jo now spends her days creating bespoke wedding and celebration cakes at affordable prices. Just wait until you see the pictures! (Here's a sneak peek!)

We asked Jo the all-important questions to ask any wedding suppliers...

1. What's your favourite cake you have ever made for a wedding?

Picking a favourite is so hard, as I love everything about all of them! Whether it's the ones with intricate sugar flowers, or ones that are deceptively simple and elegant, picking a winner is so hard. Cop out or what?!

2. What's your favourite wedding cake trend for 2017?

I love the marble trend, and I also love the ballet inspiration that is set to be a big trend for 2017. I'm thinking ruffles, lace, piped detail but all in delicate feminine shades of ivory, nude, blush and dusky pink. 

3. What was your favourite part of your own wedding?

I got married in 2009, and my favourite part of our wedding has to be when I first saw my husband waiting at the altar. I'll never forget the look on his face when he first saw me either.

4. Your favourite movie wedding?

Has to be Cinderella! I love the whole romance of that story. 

5. Do you listen to anything whilst you bake?

 My kitchen is at the back of the house, and our house backs onto woodland. I usually just listen to the blackbirds and robins twittering, but every now and then I fire up the record player and listen to some motown, northern soul or (if I'm feeling summery) a bit of reggae music. It makes me think of my honeymoon in Jamaica, which was hands down the best holiday EVER!

6. Out of everyone in the world, who would you most like to make a wedding cake for?

I think I'd most like to make a cake for my husband and me! My wedding cake was a gift from a bridesmaid, so I never got to go through the process of tasking, choosing the design etc. If I could create a wedding cake for us, I'd go tall, vintage, and with lots of sugar flowers.

7. If you were a flavour of cake, which one would it be and why?

I think I'd be lemon - fresh and zingy!

8. Kirsten Dunst just got engaged, can you imagine what her wedding cake will look like?

I imagine her wedding cake to be elegant but with a bohemian vibe. I'm thinking tons of flowers, maybe some print detail, and huge!

9. One piece of advice for couples when thinking about their wedding cake?

Go with what YOU want for your cake. I see many couples who have had "input" from family members and end up being pushed into something they don't want, thinking they have to please other people. But ultimately it's the bride and groom's wedding, so they should have whatever they want!

10. Finally, and most importantly, who was your favourite spice girl?

 Definitely Baby Spice. I've always wanted to have hair like her!

Like what you see?

Here's where you can find Jo, more pics of her amazing cakes, and that all important contact info!

Website: White Rose Cake Design