2017 Bridal Fashion Trends

With the dawn of a new year comes the arrival of new bridal trends. These trends filter down from the catwalk and influence the style of all of the lovely dresses you brides-to-be try on in the stores. 

Once a style is a trend then you can expect to see this incorporated into a lot of different dresses. Trends can take the form of a style of dress, or as a feature on a style of dress. For example, material, like lace, is often a trend that is featured on different parts of a dress - say sleeve or back for example - to make it part of a trend. Whereas some trends are based on the structure of a dress, such as A-line, mermaid style, etc. Some dresses feature more than one trend as they couple the structure of the dress along with some feature detail. You can literally choose how much of a trend you opt to buy in to, or you don't have to buy into it at all. There will always be another 3 or 4 trends for you to choose instead. 

In 2017, the trend predictions that have been made by all sorts of industry professionals include: lace, ballet style dresses, embroidery and oversized florals. All very different, so there is something to suit everyone. 

Now let's explore these trends in more detail and show how you can work these for your own wedding day. 



Pretty, romantic, dreamy. Lace is extremely versatile and can take transform a pretty simple dress into something so much more. You can opt for full a full lace affair a la Grace Loves Lace, who FYI are the creators of the most pinned dress of 2016. So, it goes without saying that lace is an extremely popular wedding dress trend. Lace is also pretty timeless which means that your wedding photos are always going to look super stylish. I'm not sure whether that's a serious consideration for a lot of people, but it is for me. 



The prettiest and most romantic of all the wedding dress styles in the world! I don't know how you could not feel like the most beautiful person whilst wearing one of these. They do so much for every figure by giving you the most curvaceous silhouette, whilst actually allowing you to breathe whilst enjoying your wedding breakfast. Perfect with an up-do, perfect with a down-do, if I haven't said it enough this style of dress is pretty darn perfect. And luckily for us all they are big news in 2017, which means I will probably spend more time on Pinterest then I'm healthily supposed to. 



A gorgeous and creative way to show your personality on your wedding day. Wedding dresses are beautiful, and traditionally they are white. It's still pretty daring, albeit becoming more accepted, to wear a dress of an entirely different colour on your wedding day. But if you don't want to go all-out-different, yet still express a little bit of flair beyond the blank canvas of white, embroidery is a great way to go. Some dresses may already come with some floral embroidery, or you can have a bespoke design stitched on. The world is your oyster.



I'm all about this trend. When I was growing up, if you'd have described to me the concept of an "oversized floral wedding dress" I would have very probably thought you were off your head. Now whether it's working in the wedding industry and being surrounded by beauty that verges on art every single day, I can truly appreciate the beauty of these wedding dresses. They are so delicate and bold at the same time. They tell a whole story whilst the brides that walk down the aisle in them wear them so effortlessly they appear coolly understated. I am an oversized floral dress convert and by the time summer '17 rolls around I can promise you will be too. 

Charlotte xoxox