The Blushing Bride Box, And Why It's The Next Must-Have On Your Wedding Prep List

I love getting things in the post. Ever since I was little I have adored receiving a letter or a parcel. I think it stems from the fact that my best friend moved away when I was six years old and, because it was the 90’s, we had to keep in touch by landline phone or letter. I think we thought we could be a bit more covert writing letters, so we could talk about stuff that our parents wouldn’t hear over the phone, so that is what we did. Waiting for the postman to deliver a reply to my letter always felt so exciting. And, since then, over the years, the most exciting news - University place confirmation, certificates, and scholarship notifications - have always arrived by post. Nowadays, it’s more business-related things that come delivered by Royal Mail such as: styling props, business cards and the occasional lovely treat from industry friends.

Which is exactly what was delivered to me on Wednesday morning from the lovely ladies at Blushing Bride Box. My love affair with the postal service continues.

Blushing Bride Box is a subscription box service that provides beautifully packaged bridal inspiration straight to your doorstep. Each month subscribers receive a box packed full of carefully-selected items to help upcoming brides plan their day. There’s a range of full size and sample products to spark your creativity and help you plan your wedding, and it’s definitely for those who love indulging in the pretty side of life. What’s really nice about the boxes as it also acts as a bit of a countdown to your big day! When you know you’ve only got 6 boxes to receive then you know you’ve only got 6 months left until your wedding day - each box brings you closer to the most important day of your life! Now that’s pretty cool, right? Like a wedding advent calendar.

Each box also covers a different stage of the wedding planning journey, containing a variety of items across a range of themes; whether it be venue decor, a hen party piece or a honeymoon treat! We all know by now I like to talk about myself so let me tell you what my box contained:

  • A beautiful scented candle - which had the most gorgeous glow when I lit it
  • A notebook and pen for all of my planning musings
  • A little pot of preserved flower confetti (which I fully intend playing with, a lot!)
  • A sign reading “I love you with all my heart” - I’m moving house soon and this little beauty will be coming with me
  • A flower crown - the perfect boho accessory, which I most definitely wore to write this blog post
  • A padlock which you can use for a variety of means - perfect for a lovelock bridge moment

As a wedding planner I’m often on the lookout for products which help make my clients’ lives easier. I mean, that’s what I’m here for at the end of the day, but I can’t be with them 24/7. So I like to discover new ideas which help them come up with wedding ideas when I’m not there. As a stylist, although I’m often helping clients come up with a style and theme for their day, the couple need to feel inspired themselves in order to guide me as to what they are interested in. So I often take them wedding magazines or little products that I think will give their inspiration a boost. Or sometimes it’s biscuits, because biscuits are life. A box like this is the perfect gift for me to give to my clients at our first planning meeting, as they get to sample a range of products and see what feels right for them. Plus, wedding planning can be stressful so you need a little pampering treat every now and then - which is exactly what Blushing Bride Box contains.

I’m a big lover of subscription boxes in general. The idea of paying a reasonable price per month to receive a collection of products that you may not treat yourself to otherwise is just a service that I, personally, can’t find fault with. What you don’t find with all subscription boxes is that if you’ve received something in one of your boxes that you’d actually like to purchase again there’s not always an easy avenue by which to do this. But with Blushing Bride Box, this isn’t a problem. There’s an online shop on their website where you can easily shop for the products you’d like to use again, already featuring items like Gold Foiled Bunting, confetti cones, and a wishing jar guest book.

With the Blushing Bride Box just costing £22.99 per month, with discounts to reflect a greater commitment spanning 3, 6 or 12 months, and the use of 5 new items every time to help make your wedding planning easier - it’s a bit of a steal! And you don’t have to just treat yourself to a box every month. Lots of couples buy each other engagement presents to celebrate this amazing time in their life - why not ask your partner to treat you to a subscription box for the length of your engagement or at least for a few months? A box full of treats which also helps you with your planning needs is honestly one of the best gifts you can receive during the wedding preparations, take it from me!

If you would like to order a Blushing Bride Box then you can do so right here: and let me, and them, know what you think.

In the meantime, whilst you jammy sparkly-ring-fingered ladies sit back and wait for your first Blushing Bride Box to arrive, I’ll be here in my floral crown chucking confetti in the air and plotting more wedding ideas in my beautiful book. Stay tuned!

Charlotte xoxox


Charlotte Spain