A Game Of Thrones Wedding, Styled By Redamancy

You may have noticed that I've had a little blogging break over the wedding season! This was never intentional, but I just became too busy with wedding work to write which I guess is quite a nice problem to have. That's one of the best things about being a wedding planner in London; the wedding season is always like Halloween in America - bigger than everywhere else on the planet. So, as always, it's been amazing to surround myself in the inspiration that has been running wild across the capital. 

I absolutely adore the London wedding planning scene, but this month I also got to go back to my Northern routes and work with a such an incredible roster of Yorkshire wedding suppliers that it would rival the talent and camaraderie of most professional sports teams. And it had very much the same sense of community spirit - we were in this together and my goodness did we bounce off each other's creativity!?

We had high hopes for this shoot given the incredible vibes that were flying around in Cruck Barn in Appletreewick that wonderful Wednesday, but when one of the biggest wedding blogs in the world approached us after seeing some of the sneak peek images we shared on social media, it was literally what felt like a true coming-of-age moment. And so a couple of weeks ago when, after refreshing my web browser what must have been a million times, I saw the results of that incredible day's work appear on Junebug Weddings I knew I wanted to share this news wherever I could.

And so it would only be fair to share it on my very own corner of the internet too wouldn't it! If you're a fan of Game of Thrones then I hope you think we did the programme justice in imagining a real-life wedding in very much the Westeros style. Pulling strands of Scandi and Norwegian style together, along with a colour palette of deep reds and browns to really reinforce the depth of love and passion which courses through the entire series, we created this wedding set-up in the Barn attached to the infamous Craven Barn. 

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the pictures of what myself, and the dream team I had the absolute pleasure of working with, pulled together. And if you'd like to see the full write-up of what I pieced together to sit alongside my wedding styling for the Junebug article then you can do so here. Supplier credits are listed below, and as always, I would absolutely love to know your thoughts on this!

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And, as ever, if you are interested in having your wedding styled in a similar fashion or would love some wedding styling that truly represents you and your partner's style and personalities for your London wedding, then you can get in touch with me here! I can't wait to hear from you!

Charlotte xoxox