Don't Throw Money At Your Wedding Day, Do This Instead..

Including The Five Senses In Your Wedding Day

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We have five senses for a reason - they provide data for perception (very science-y), help us to survive, and beyond that they enhance our overall experiences. An event which caters for our taste, touch, sight, sound and smell is a much more interactive, and therefore memorable, experience and can really invoke certain emotions from those in attendance.

So when it comes to your wedding, which you have spent a very long time planning, you want it to be a truly great event experience for your guests, right? You might not want to say it in case it sounds vain or whatever, so I’ll say it instead. We all want everyone to leave our wedding and declare it was “the best wedding that they have ever been to”. Chances are people will say that anyway because humans have relatively short memories when it comes to what they remember as being the best, but it’s secretly what we all want to happen.

The common misconception is that in order to achieve this truly outstanding day, you have to throw more money at your wedding. And keep on throwing it until you’re convinced that this is the best wedding there ever was. But, without direction, money doesn’t mean a whole lot. You could spend half a million pounds on a wedding dress but if it doesn’t suit you or flatter your figure then really it's a waste. You could spend £300 on a dress that looks like it was made for you, saved yourself the cost of a house. So, in terms of class, style and a well put together event, money isn’t always the answer - creativity is.

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You can achieve this fabulous day that everyone spends the rest of their lives talking about simply by utilising all of the five senses. By ensuring that you include all of them you are creating an all-encompassing day which finds guests wrapped up in the beauty of your wedding. And, we all know that weddings tend to bring out romantic feelings in us - who else has sat there during the wedding breakfast and felt a bit more fondly of their partner than perhaps the day before? Incorporating all of the five senses into your wedding day means that everyone else will have a more enjoyable, exciting day because of it.

So how do you actually include the five senses in your wedding day? Let me talk you through some ways which you can easily achieve this:


I’m starting with this one because I’m a foodie and therefore I love talking about food, thinking about food and writing about it as well. Taste is a pretty obvious one; it comes from what you choose for the wedding breakfast and the evening reception catering. But it’s not just enough to think, yep we’re having food so let’s tick that off the five senses list and move on! If you want to create this sensory experience which will make guests shiver in anticipation and bask in the romance of your day, then you need to think beyond this.

Does the starter you’ve chosen go with the main course, and the dessert? Have you chosen wine based on what goes well with the food? Is your evening reception meal something which complements the wedding breakfast or are they extremely different cuisines, which might leave your guests feeling over-indulged by the end of the night? Are you having canapés during the drinks reception and do these fit in with the other food options on offer as well?

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I know some couples who think “it’s our wedding day, let’s have all of our favourite foods on the menu". You’re not on death-row, this isn’t the last meal you’re ever going to eat and picking random foods to put together just because you like them is simply confusing to the palette. It will actually leave your guests feeling put off the food instead of the opposite. Just because you like beef wellington and sushi doesn’t mean you have to eat one after the other, followed by a chocolate fondue. It’s too much! You need to think about how your food choices fit together and whether the overall result is pleasant. So stick within a couple of cuisines and think about the flow of starter, to main course, to dessert.


The music you choose for your wedding day definitely decides the overall impact of how you and your guests will feel on the day itself. The music that guests walk into the ceremony space to sets the tone before anything has even happened, yet this is often overlooked by the bride and groom. It can feel a bit awkward and unprepared for guests to walk into your ceremony and the room to be silent. Some instrumental music, or a live acoustic set by a singer or musician can really help to begin creating the vibe you want for your wedding day. The music you initially walk down the aisle to, and then the music you leave as a newly married couple requires the same thought. Most people give a lot of consideration to their first dance song, but don’t give a lot of thought to how it fits in with the rest of the music on the day. What plays during the wedding breakfast, and the entertainment in the evening are all things that need to be considered.

Apply the same logic as with the food - don’t just pick random songs that you like and smush them into the same event. It will confuse how the atmosphere is if the songs jump from slow and romantic, to metal music and back again. Consistency is key and, really, your music should complement your overall wedding theme. So if your theme is industrial then songs with a cool rock vibe would work quite well. However, if your theme is vintage then songs from the 60s and 70s would be the perfect choice.

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Well, this one is a fairly obvious one. As humans, sight is our strongest sense and we rely on it far more than any of our others. Which is probably why this tends to be the main one we take into consideration when getting married - we’re all more bothered about how everything looks. And it is important. It’s just not more important than all of the other senses we have too when it comes to creating a great event experience.

The main factor here is your colour scheme. How colours work together is one of the first things we notice as wedding guests, and I know that if a couple has picked clashing colours (bright orange and pink anyone?) then it can just be a total eyesore. There are plenty of resources on the internet, Pinterest included, which can help you to work out which wedding colours fit best together.

How textures work together should also be high on the agenda, and again this usually comes down to what the style of wedding is you are going for. Soft and pretty wedding days - like the type usually found on Style Me Pretty or B.Loved blog - suit fabrics of a similar persuasion. Soft silk runners and hand-dyed cotton napkins, by Kate Cullen, are your friend when it comes to this theme. Wooden everything works well for Boho Weddings, and designers like Suzanne Oddy can make bespoke wedding signs and other incredible creations to fit this theme perfectly.


Touch goes hand in hand with sight, as this is primarily about textures again when it comes to weddings. Basically, how do you want your guests to feel? Do you want them to be in the utmost comfort - in which case comfier ceremony chairs should be a consideration, along with soft furs, silks, and a warm temperature. Freezing your ass off whilst trying to get through your vows does not scream comfortable and luxury to anyone! However, if you want to create an exciting, fun, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat vibe then reimagined church pews are a fantastic option, or lucite plastic chairs look chic but won’t allow any of your guests to enjoy an afternoon snooze at all.

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Finally, we have smell. This has definitely been very overlooked until recently, however it has become very fashionable of late to focus on having a dedicated wedding smell to set your wedding apart, and personalise it that little bit further. Filling your reception space with candles, incense, or diffusers is a great way to achieve this effect. However, candles have to be my favourite as you can quite easily work them into the event decor, and make your wedding look even more beautiful. Jo Malone candles have a really long burn time and the scent of a few candles dotted around would be enough to create that special wedding day scent that guests would never fail to recognise again in the future. Or, why not provide your guests with a mini candle of the same scent as your wedding day? Then when they light it up in their own homes in the future all of the memories of your wedding day will come flooding back. This is an especially nice gift for mums who like to reminisce on what, for them, is one of the best days of their lives.

Savon Claire is undoubtedly the queen of wedding candles, and other amazing favours, and so if you’re considering a dedicated wedding scent (and you definitely should be) then Claire is the woman to help you out! Why not pop over and have a browse, and see what you can find?

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So there we have it. How to include the five senses in your wedding day, along with some supplier suggestions in there too just to give you some added inspiration. I really hope you've enjoyed this blog post, and if you have any questions just leave me a comment or shoot me a message!

Charlotte xoxox