How To Make Floral Ice-Cubes For Your Wedding

They've been pinned on Pinterest hundreds of thousands of times, nesting beautifully in amongst bottles of Pink champagne and chilled Pinot Grigios. And floral icecubes genuinely are such a stylish, and sophisticated, feature for your wedding day yet often seem overlooked because people think they must be a huge amount of effort. 

You will know by now that I'm a massive realist, as well as a super lover of all things stylish, and I know that realism and style are not mutually exclusive words. In fact, we are able to have a far more stylish and lust-worthy day if we are actually realistic and organised about everything. 

So to that end, I have put together a little blog post tutorial to show you how quick and easy these ice cubes are to make! Seriously they take about 5 minutes, plus freezing time. And just think how beaut they would look floating in a glass of gin and tonic... I knew that would persuade you to give them a go! Now, don't just save these for your wedding - they are a great showstopper for dinner parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. And it never hurts to have a practice run before the big day does it?!

Right, let's get cracking!

You will need:

  • Edible flower petals - I got mine from Fine Food Specialists
  • A silicone ice tray (you can use other ice trays but silicone makes it suuuper easy to flip the cubes right out)
  • A jug of cold water (amount will vary depending on how many cubes you're making, but you're all clever people so I'm sure you don't need guidance on this...)

Take your flowers and place them in the ice cube tray. Fill with water to the top of each segment, but be careful not to overfill as the water will then disperse over the top of the individual segments, and it will be much harder to remove the ice cubes after freezing.

Place the tray in the freezer, making sure that it's lying flat. I had to defrost a Tart Au Citron just to ensure there was enough room in the freezer for this little project, but we all suffer for our art don't we...

Keep checking on the cubes every hour. Given that the flowers are so light they will inevitably rise up to the top of the water level, but once they've frozen a little bit you should be able to push the petals down under the forming ice so they end up in the middle of the ice cube once fully frozen.


Pop those cubes out, get them piled up in a glass, and fill it to the brim with a tipple of your choice! Oh, and don't forget to instagram away. Trust me, it's worth it! The bigger the ice cubes the longer they will take to melt due to the smaller surface area (I've never understood this but apparently it's the case) and so these beautiful blooms will last longer in your beverage. 

Another tip to keep these cubes cool and intact for longer, which is essential if you're going to have these on display on your wedding day for guests to help themselves to, is to put a wet tea-towel in the bottom of the container. This keeps the ice cubes at a low temperature which means they will last longer even if the sun is shining (fingers crossed!) If you don't fancy using a tea towel or a cloth then you can line the container with tin foil instead.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and it's shown you how easy these are to make for your own wedding, or any other occasion. Get all of your bridesmaids around to help you pre-wedding to help you get this task done in double-time, and remember these can be made well in advance and just kept in the freezer. 

If you love this idea but want someone to take this off your hands then this sort of task comes included in my One Month Of Wedding Planning package which you can find here, or if you would like help coming up with any other stylish ideas for your wedding day then my Wedding Styling packages are perfect for you! Contact me here to book a consultation and take the stress-away knowing you have a professional on-board!

Charlotte xoxox