The Difference Between A Designer Wedding And Wedding Design

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So today I want to talk to you about the difference between wedding design and a designer wedding, as these terms are very similar linguistically, but mean a whole heap of difference in the realms wedding world. I feel like a lot of people are put off wedding design because they think this only applies to couples who want a designer wedding. When, in fact, this is definitely not the case!

What is a designer wedding?

A designer wedding is likely to feature a lot of flawless details, and a lot of brands! From the bridal Jimmy Choos, to the Vera Wang custom-designed couture dress, there's going to be a lot of names involved. It's a luxury wedding where only the best will fly, from the one-of-a-kind bridal gown, meticulously measured and fitted, to the groom's attire - suited and booted in a big name brand. 

Inbal Dror Couture Wedding Dresses

Inbal Dror Couture Wedding Dresses

And what is wedding design?

Whereas, wedding design is all about the aesthetic of the wedding day itself, rather than just the focus on the bride and groom's appearance. Wedding design is responsible for how your day looks overall, as well as how all the different segments of your day fit together. 

So how is this different from wedding styling?

Wedding styling and wedding design are another couple of terms that often get confused. And it's understandable as to why, as they both reference how your wedding day looks but they do work slightly differently in practice. 

Wedding styling is often carried out by wedding stylists who have their own styling stock, ranging from table cloths and chair covers to lanterns, signs and fairy lights. Depending on the type of wedding they usually cater for, these items might be more vintage-inspired, or more modern. Whilst this is often a cost-effective way to make your wedding reception, especially, look wonderful, it is not often a bespoke service.

Due to the fact that these items can just be hired from a supplier, as well as there usually being the option to pay a little extra for the supplier to set everything up on the morning of the wedding, it may be the case that another couple have hired exactly the same pieces as you for their wedding day. And some people don't like the fact that other people could have had a wedding that looked exactly like theirs. Which is entirely fair.

Wedding design is the process of having a day designed just for you, as you can see from the description on our dedicated wedding design page. Given that this process is based around you and your partner's tastes and preferences, as well as your lifestyle, no-one else will have a wedding exactly like yours.

What does wedding design involve?

When Redamancy designs your wedding day, we start with an initial consultation to discuss who you both are, as individuals as well as a couple. We learn about your interests, how you spend your spare time, what you enjoy doing most together, and what your idea of a romantic date is. This helps us to work out how the most special day of your life will be structured, and what it will include.

We come up with options to involve all the five senses in your wedding day, to create an overall sensory experience. This will impact on how your guests feel during the day - excited, emotional, touched, sentimental, enjoyment. From the scent of your day to the textures at play on the tablescapes, and the sounds playing throughout the celebration. 

Why is wedding design so important?

I repeatedly hear from friends and family, as well as couples who have attended multiple weddings before planning their own, that the best weddings they have been to are the ones with a clear colour scheme, where every little detail has been meticulously thought through, and it has really evoked emotions in them that they couldn't help but feel. To me, this is a wedding that has clearly been extremely well-designed, even if the couple / the guests recognise that 'wedding design', as a term, has been at play here.

Designer weddings are gorgeous - full of luxe and opulent details - however, it won't have the impact desired by every couple getting married if the day itself hasn't been designed too. And the terms can be mutually exclusive. 'Designer weddings' can also be well-designed days, but a well-designed wedding doesn't have to be designer. Some of the best wedding designs I have ever seen are the most colourful, fun, party-vibe days, as they really encapsulate the couple's personality and the day is uniquely theirs.

Wedding Design Mood Board, created by Redamancy

Wedding Design Mood Board, created by Redamancy

If you want to learn more about how we could design your wedding then please check out our example inspiration boards, or contact us here. 

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