The Essential Bride's Guide To Skin Care Before The Big Day

I'm going to be honest here. I know that I make weddings pretty for a living, and I know that some people may consider what I do to be materialistic or un-important in the grand scheme of things. But those people just do not understand Redamancy and what it has as its aim and purpose. Redamancy is all about putting the focus back on why you are really getting married - whatever that means to you. My business offering is not just designed to make weddings look flawless, it's about designing your day around things that you both love so that your wedding is super personal and meaningful to you. Redamancy is about celebrating love in a time where society is often focused on far less positive things. And it's ultimately about being healthy. Because by putting the focus back on what is really at the heart of a wedding day you forget a lot of the unnecessary things that stress out most other brides. I.e. what everyone else will think about your wedding. It's not about getting married for the sake of having the party.

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If there is one thing I hate to see from couples getting married it is stress. I've met people after their wedding who even warn me off ever walking down the aisle because of how stressful it was for them. Now, each to their own - I have no idea what personal issues may have contributed to their overall wedding stress but ultimately that's never how a couple should feel in the run-up to the happiest day of their lives. That's why my job even exists in the first place; to take stress away from brides and grooms so they can focus on other important things in their lives.

wedding skincare

And the reason I hate stress so much is because of what it can do to our health and our bodies. As soon as you start to feel stressed then your hormones get out of whack which can affect your hair, skin and digestive system. In some people this causes dry skin, in other people it causes oily skin and in others it creates unpleasant breakouts. This can indeed knock your confidence, especially in the run-up to a time where society dictates we should look our best. Which isn't as stupid as it sounds as we all like to look our best on special occasions, don't we? 

Over the last six months I have really taken to looking after my skin, and getting into a proper routine of taking care of it, after life's little stresses have had their way with in, in the same way that those connected to wedding pressure can. Honestly, I have never felt better! 

So, if you too, would like to feel like Gwyneth Paltrow roaming the stress of LA with that fresh-faced look then please read on for my ultimate guide to skin care. I think we all know that wedding planning can be notoriously stressful. I don't want it to be for any of my brides or grooms but at the end of the day sometimes we cannot avoid stress, which is ultimately the worst enemy of our precious skin. So during a notoriously stressful time, even if your skin normally behaves itself very well, it is worth extending your time to give it that little extra TLC.

Regardless of how long away your wedding is, whether it is 2 weeks or 2 years, I promise that if you get into this routine straight away you will be naturally glowing when you slip on that wedding dress. So read on for my go-to skin care guide that will give your skin all of the love it deserves!

The Essential Wedding Skin Care Guide

Exfoliating and Cleansing

My morning ritual involves thoroughly scrubbing my face with Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash by Simple and Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser by Origins. I use these one after the other every morning - the Simples wash first as it is less intense and I want to wash away the dregs of makeup before going in hard with the Origins scrub - and they leave my skin feeling squeaky clean! This perfects and nourishes my base and ensures that my skin is in its freshest state to start the day.

I suffer from very irregular skin tone and this was ultimately the thing that stopped me from leaving the house without makeup before. Now I find that if I use my Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner twice a day - once in the morning, post-shower, and once after I remove my makeup -  my skin tone looks massively improved overall. 

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Hydrating and Moisturising

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I don't think I could possibly say this enough times - hydration is absolutely essential for keeping your skin looking its best. It is a particular priority for those who suffer with dry skin as it is obviously crying out for a little H20, however hydration also keeps your skin firm, plumped and reduces ageing so I think we can all agree that it is a bit of must-do when it comes to your skincare routine.

As important as drinking water is, to hydrate your body from the inside out, getting that hydration from the outside is also incredibly important. There are a number of products which specifically target making your skin feel more refreshed, and my favourites are: Creme de la Mer, Post-Glycolic Fix Moisturiser by Nip and Fab and the L'oreal Clay Masks.

The Moisturising Soft Cream by La Mer has absolutely changed my relationship with my skin and although it's so expensive, to me it is worth every penny. To avoid using this too much, so as not to bankrupt myself, I usually just apply this at night so that it sinks into my skin whilst I sleep. In the mornings I then use a different moisturiser - which I also think is a great idea to vary your routine and keep your skin from getting too used to products. At the moment I love this one from Nip and Fab as it is super hydrating but also blurs your pores and therefore gives you such a flawless base for your makeup.

Under Eye Solutions

As I am half-Italian, the pigmentation under my skin is always darker. It doesn't matter if I'm tired or really refreshed, the dark circles under my eyes are present constantly. Or that was until I started using under eye creams and serums. I would always overlook this area of my skincare routine previously as I was just so much more concerned with transforming the complexion of my face above and beyond everything else. But then I discovered this little wonder product and I can honestly say that it's like the quickest and cheapest eye lift ever. Life. Changer.

I usually pop this on between my moisturiser and my primer whilst I'm styling my hair in the morning and by the time I'm ready to apply my makeup, this little magic serum has done all of its incredible work! For any brides that are conscious of dark circles or bags under their eyes, then this will make such a difference for you pre-wedding..

Never forget to remove your makeup!

Yes, even after those tequila-filled nights, when you schlep back home with your takeaway pizza and pass out onto your bed. Anytime you fail to remove your makeup at the end of the day then it sinks into your pores, causing spots and irritated skin. If your foundation is particularly full coverage / drying then you can bet that it won't be just you that's dehydrated the next morning, your skin will be too. If you ever do forget to take your makeup off, then make sure you hop in the shower the next morning and scrub your face with an exfoliating scrub. Apply a face mask for 20 mins to restore hydration and nourish the skin back to its best self.

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Face Masks Will Change Your Life

I have literally started collecting face masks because I can't get enough of them! It's become a regular tradition for me on a Sunday evening to wind down the week - and prepare for the one ahead- by applying a face mask. There are so many types and they all work your skin in different ways. I'm obsessed with glowy and bright skin, as I just think it makes me look really healthy, and so I always choose ones which are brightening / illuminating. If you add a face mask into your routine once a week you will really start to notice the difference in your skin's quality and just feels like an indulgent treat which you can enjoy during some me-time! Two of my favourites are the Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask by Nip+Fab and the Brightening L'oreal Clay Mask.

I hope you've enjoyed this little skincare guide, and have found some of the tips useful. I know lots of brides panic about their skin in the lead-up to their wedding as having great skin can be a big confidence boost, especially when all eyes are on you. But you don't need to go and spend hundreds of pounds on expensive facial treatments at clinics and spas, or on chemical peels to rejuvenate your skin. If you incorporate the tips I have provided above then I promise you that you will have the best skin of your life when your wedding rolls round, just without the expensive price tag. Start now and I promise you that you will be so grateful you did, especially when you get those wedding photos back!

If this slightly different blog post has interested you then please do let me know, as I'd be more than happy to continue writing different content going forward. Life's all about mixing things up, right?!