The Go-To Guide For Brides: Creating a Wedding Brand

No, this blog post isn't aimed at suppliers and creating their wedding business brand. This is for couples who are getting married in 2018, 2019 or even 2020. Because having a wedding brand is the latest thing to take the wedding design world by storm. And it's the best way to make your wedding as personalised as it can be!

Brides and grooms tying the knot in 2018 are formed from the generation that grew up surrounded by social media. Myspace, Bebo, Facebook and Instagram have all played a part in these couples' upbringing, social lives and relationships. And so it's with this perspective that they will approach planning and designing their wedding. For years, we have all been thinking, consciously or subconsciously, about our online personas and how our personal 'brand' appears online. If you've ever debated whether a particular instance was good enough for your Insta story, or you've de-tagged yourself from a photo on Facebook, then you know exactly  what I'm talking about. That scenario just didn't fit in with how you want people to see you online, and without possibly even knowing it, you've been curating your ideal brand. And as millennials prepare to walk down the aisle, this is where the personal brand ends and the wedding brand takes over.

Photography:  Mango Studios

Photography: Mango Studios

What Is A Wedding Brand

A wedding brand is simply creating a concept and style for your wedding, that takes into account your styles, tastes, influences and relationships. It helps decide your overall aesthetic and ensures that all wedding details cohesively fit together to deliver a wedding day you will never forget.

Wedding aesthetic has always been important when it comes to the big day. But it's taken on a greater importance now that we've reached the millennial marriage age, where how those reception details may look when posted on Instagram holds a huge stake in the decision-making process. It's what we've seen celebrity weddings encapsulate over the last couple of years - as at the end of the day, they make a lot of their money from Instagram. It makes only good sense for them to ensure that they could share insta-worthy pictures of their special day on the 'gram. After all, we're all going to be hooked to the internet for pictures of their wedding anyway; they might as well be the ones to share them in all their filtered glory in the first place.

Hence why we've seen a huge rise in mini 'settings' popping up all around wedding venues. Flower walls, doughnut walls, and banners strung from the ceiling - depicted with the couples names and wedding dates - have all been part of this well thought through process. Even things like wedding stationery, flowers, and the favours have all been considered through Instagram filtered-glasses. Sorry to rose-tinted spectacles; you're just not very 2018. And don't even get me started on the cake. Or the food on the whole. A roast dinner served to you at the table is perhaps a hard one to make 'glam'. However, a DIY station offering 'make your own cocktails' or the opportunity to 'pimp your prosecco' opens up a whole new level of social media savviness.

Photography:  Jenne Merling Weddings

How To Personalise Your Wedding

But it's not just about what looks good through the lens of an iPhone. No, personalised everything to remind guests of exactly whose wedding they're attending,  exactly who came up with all of these incredible ideas, and simply trademarking everything (no judgement here, I wouldn't want any of my guests recreating any of my wedding ideas a year later either) is going to be massive for the coming year.

Below are a few ways that you can personalise your wedding

A Wedding Ensignia

Have you ever gone to someone's house and seen that they have a family crest proudly pinned to the wall? Take from that what you will, however my family also do have one and I can say that it's the simply that we are all proud to be 'Spain's'. It represents a sense of community between us, but given that it is erected right by the front door, I can't say that it doesn't also act as a reminder as to whose house this really is for any guests. Not in a horrible way - it's just human pride.

And in 2018, monogrammed details and wedding crests will loom large. Adorned on everything from glassware to napkins, you'll be left in no doubt about whose love you are celebrating at that wedding. 

Mr and Mrs Cocktails

We have already seen these making their place known on the wedding season for the last couple of years, however in 2018 things will change slightly. Rather than picking a generic 'female' and 'male' cocktail to please the guests at large, the cocktails of choice will be picked with the bride and grooms cocktails in mind. This fits perfectly into the wedding design idea of creating a 'wedding brand' as it's giving your guests a personal experience of your lifestyle. If you regularly drink old fashioneds and margaritas on your date nights then these are likely to have become symbols of your relationship. What better way to immerse your guests in your very own love story by serving the same drinks that you have enjoyed during your times together.

Image via:  B rit + Co

Image via: Brit + Co

Telling Your Story

The whole point of Redamancy, and our wedding design services, is to shine a light on a lesser-walked wedding path; personal wedding days. Too often brides and grooms blindly follow tradition on a day that is all about them, just to please other people. But if this day really signifies an incredibly special point in your relationship then it is only fair to do things your way. You'll regret it otherwise. 

And the best way to leave more traditional guests in no doubt about why you have made the decisions that you have, is to tell your story throughout the whole day. Pick readings, if you're having readings, that are from your favourite books. Or read some of the lovely messages you have sent to each other over your time together. Dance to your favourite songs, and feast on your favourite foods. Is there something that you always enjoy doing together, and it's 'your thing'? Then incorporate this into the evening entertainment with all of your guests joining in. 

I get that some people find the idea of crests, mottos and insignias to be a bit showy, But you cannot get more personal and 'on-brand' with your wedding design than to show your guests how you live and how you love. 

Photography: Hannah Costello

Photography: Hannah Costello

If you would like to create your very own wedding brand then wedding design is absolutely the best way to do this. We have a number of wedding design services available to view here. With limited availability in 2018, if you are interested in booking a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to discuss how Redamancy can help you achieve the wedding you've been imagining then get in touch to arrange at a time that suits you.