When Your Engagement Ring Rox - 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Engagement Rings

An engagement ring kicks off the whole wedding planning process. Think about it, until you have that ring on your finger life carries on as normal. But as soon as it's sitting pretty on your hand then it means you're getting married and you have a whole heap of stuff to do. But, the subject of engagement rings is definitely one of the less-talked about topics in wedding magazines and blogs. Or, ladies, so we think! Because they're just the less-talked about topics in our wedding magazines and blogs. Flick through a copy of GQ and it's a different story. And that's because it has always been tradition for men to choose the engagement ring and for women to not even get a look in. 

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However, a recent Bridebook survey showed that's no longer the case. While 48% of purchases do follow that pattern, 44% of engagement rings are sold to couples browsing together and 7% to women purchasing alone. Which means that almost half of us will end up choosing our ring alongside our partner, which, given the fact that we're the ones who are going to wear it for the rest of our lives is definitely the right way to be going about things!

So we have partnered with Rox to bring you this blog post containing lots of facts which are guaranteed to surprise you about engagement rings. Let's be honest - none of us knew that at least 7% of women shop for their engagement ring alone... And once you're done devouring these facts then head over onto Rox's website and check out their dazzling diamonds.

So one of our favourite pastimes on this blog is to debunk popular myths surrounding weddings and so we were thrilled when Rox provided us with these 10 engagement ring facts which include some common myths which we get to set straight! We're also thrilled to be able to include the original images that Rox had commissioned to sit alongside these fabulous facts!

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1. So you might assume that Valentine’s Day would be the most popular choice of date for popping the question (it is the day of love after all), but actually December is the most popular time for people to get down on one knee. It must be all those happy vibes that fly around at Christmas and thinking about those New Years Resolutions that get us pondering our future.

2. Ever heard the ‘rule’ that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of two or three months’ salary? Really there are no hard and fast rules on how much to splash out on a ring – the most important thing is that you pick one that both you and your future spouse fall head over heels for. I know some poor guys that genuinely feel this is some kind of absolute rule but I can promise you that you should only spend what you can, and what you want to, on an engagement ring. Do not forego 3 months of rent / food / bills to buy that ring; buy within your means.

So now we've dispelled those myths, let's take a look at where engagement rings actually originate from.

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History of Engagement Rings

3. The concept of an engagement ring is generally thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, where the shape of the ring was considered a symbol of eternity. Cute, right?

4. But do you know why the engagement ring is typically placed on the third finger? For a long time, people believed that there was a vein that directly connected that finger to the heart – the ‘Vena Amoris’, or the vein of love. Aww, that's enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Buying an Engagement Ring

5. For those who want the proposal to be a complete surprise but also want to ensure the proposal is perfect, it’s becoming more common for a ‘token ring’ to be presented in the moment, with the couple shopping together afterwards. Popular amongst those who propose exactly when the moment takes them are keyrings, haribo rings, and those touristy mood rings that change colour depending on your emotional state. Let's just assume that thing will light up when the question is 'popped'.

6. Platinum is currently the most popular metal for engagement rings. Its hardness, rarity and naturally white lustre make it the ideal metal for setting diamonds and precious stones. Heavy, strong and naturally hypoallergenic it is the ultimate choice for a ring that will be worn for a lifetime. So, we're being recommended diamonds and platinum - I'll take that!

Etiquette of Rings

7. In the UK, the most common finger to wear your engagement and wedding rings on is the third finger of your left hand, as we said above. This is linked to that historic belief that a vein to your heart ran from this finger – so the ring (and your future spouse) are held as close to your heart as possible.

Engagement ring wedding planning advice

8. But what about after the wedding in terms of which ring on which hand? There are no hard and fast rules, some choose to move their engagement ring over onto their right hand, some wear just the wedding band, but the traditional option is to wear the wedding ring first, closest to your heart and then the engagement ring next to it. It's completely up to you what you decide, just make sure you keep the ring safe if you move it around.

9. More and more couples are announcing their engagement on social media. According to a recent Wedding Wire survey, 64% of couples are uploading their happy news for friends and family to see online. Because if there isn't an instagram picture with the hashtag 'I Said Yes' then did it really happen? However, think about whether your family and friends would rather hear in person first. Not everyone is on social media these days.

10. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be and engagements are called off. Ever wondered what happens to the ring? According to UK law, unless you made a provision for the ring being returned if the marriage doesn’t happen (e.g. in the case of a family heirloom), the ring is considered to be an absolute gift and therefore the property of the recipient. However, it is acknowledged etiquette that if the recipient is the one to call off the engagement, they should return the engagement ring. If a couple can’t come to a decision together as to who should keep the engagement ring, it is possible to ask the court to adjudicate.

So there we have it. I certainly learnt some interesting, eye-opening facts about engagement rings and I hope that you did too. So head on over to Rox's website and check out their gorgeous selection of ring-candy. My personal favourite is the Vintage Tanzanite and Diamond Trilogy ring, so future husband please pay attention...

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