Why You'll Have The Best Wedding If You Break The Rules

And How Wedding Design Will Help You Do It

I say it over and over again, but I honestly can't think of anything worse that making your wedding the same as everyone else's, just for the sake of tradition. It's supposed to be the most personal day of your life, a celebration of your relationship with the one you love, and how does that work if you're celebrating it in the same way as everyone else and their relationship? 

Traditions, very much in the same way as clich├ęs, come about for a reason. They start as brilliant ideas that fit with that current time and climate in society, and they stick. However, a few hundred years down and the line and society has changed, and traditions are suddenly something that we're not too sure why we're even sticking to anymore. And yet we all still stick to them anyway, I think, out of fear as to what will happen if we don't.

But what will happen if we don't? You'll probably have the best day of your live, and the best wedding you could ever hope for!


Wedding design is the process of creating a theme and style just for your wedding day. It is created solely for you, and so within that, it means your wedding will be totally unique. 

Not only will it be something that has never happened before, but when Redamancy is designing your wedding day we make sure that it is styled around your lifestyle, your likes and your dislikes, your tastes and preferences, and that it is truly representative of who you both.


I fell in love with weddings from a young age based on their traditional aspect. It was the prosecco reception that drew me in, followed by the typical structure of the day - a rolling list of things to look forward to over the course of 12 hours. I love a good roast, so how could I knock one as part of the wedding breakfast? And who doesn't love jamming out to cheesy 90's tunes when the DJ arrives for the evening reception?!

But the problem is, once you've been to about 5 weddings that are exactly the same, they become boring. And I know that that may be a rude and crass thing to say about someone's wedding day, but I'm just being honest because I know that's how we all feel really. We're just human, and that's the simple fact of the matter. And do you really want people to feel bored at your wedding?! When you've put all of that time, effort and money into making it amazing? I'll just answer for you here - hell no.

Now, tell me you wouldn't feel totally excited, exhilarated and darn right giddy if you turned up to a wedding and it was something totally unexpected. A celebration in the heart of a forest - the space covered in fairy lights - as opposed to a barn wedding lined with hay bales. A reception featuring cocktails named after the couple, rather than a couple of glasses of prosecco. A champagne wedding breakfast, served at the table, with an exquisite pan-Asian spread, as opposed to the traditional 3 course - soup, roast beef and cheesecake. An evening jazz band playing covers of your favourite songs that have become the soundtrack to your very own love story, and not the DJ playing the same tired tunes. A midnight snack around the campfire instead of a bacon butty from an outside trailer. The distinction is obvious, and wedding design is responsible for the sheer difference in execution.

So Why does wedding design break the rules?

The reason why, even though the example above demonstrates why we should kick tradition to the curb, we still follow tradition blindly is because it is what is expected of us. We do it for our friends and family who maybe don't understand why we want our wedding day to be different from everyone else's. We do it so that we don't offend anyone when their ideas don't align with ours - we don't want to offend anyone who wants to help us plan our day. And we do it because we don't want to come across as pretentious for doing something different when our friends have gone down the traditional route. 

But if we really want a wedding day that we will look back on and love unconditionally forever, as we thumb through the photo albums full of memories, then we need to break the rules above. We need to say goodbye to what everyone else thinks and go for it with our heart and soul.

Who Is Wedding Design for?

Wedding design is for couples who value their relationship more than they value a wedding day. It's for couples who believe that what they have is worth celebrating how they want to celebrate it. It's for the daydreamers, the rule-breakers and the movers and shakers. It's for the people who know that well-behaved women rarely make history, and that life would be boring if we didn't break the mould every now and then. It's for the couples who know that what they have is special, and they won't compromise that by doing what everyone else does, for the sake of tradition.

So if I have just described you, then wedding design is exactly what you need. I promise that you're exactly the type of people who will adore making a moodboard that encapsulates everything you want to feature on your wedding day. You will fall in love with choosing your colour scheme, and wedding scent, and you will know that you did the right thing when your guests say "wow, your wedding day was so you!" If those magic words are exactly the result you are wishing to achieve then please get in touch. We are ready and waiting, brimming with ideas, to bottle the very essence of your relationship and sprinkle it all over your wedding day. 

Charlotte Spain